Why Some People Still Play the Lottery after Winning

playing the lottery again after winning
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Obviously none of this applies to me!

Many people try to get rich with the help of lotteries. Most of the people blow it all on various amenities as well as upgrades. However, most of the previous lottery winners continue to play the lottery after winning it. Many people who have not yet won the lottery find this quite confusing.

Most of the winners actually attempt multiple lottery wins. This is one of the primary reasons why they continue playing the lottery.

Of course, each and every winner has a different purpose for continuing with the lottery. Some such reasons are summarized below.

why lottery winners keep playing the lottery

1. Reliving the riches:

It is a known fact that most of the lottery winners blow up all the money within the 1st 5 years of winning the lottery.

They seldom invest the money.

The problem is that when you do not invest your money, you are more susceptible to spending it all. In order to relive the riches, most of the lottery owners continue to play the lottery.

2. Avoiding the same mistakes:

Many people make proper plans to utilize the lottery money once they have lost it all.

Since the only way they know to regain such a large amount of money is to win the lottery and hence they  attempt to play it again.

They promise themselves the list of spending mistakes to avoid.

Many previous winners just hope that life will give them another chance and it would turn out differently this time around.

3. Faith in their techniques:

winners from a lottery poolThe number of techniques which revolve around lottery wins are plenty. Some people utilize a lottery pool whereas some others go for wheeling. Since they have already won the lottery once, they think that their system actually works.

As a result of the faith in the system, they think about playing the lottery again.

The problem is even if they win the 2nd time around; there is no concrete way to know whether it is because of their system or whether it is random luck.

This is the reason why the consistently keep on playing the lottery after winning it.

4. Greed:

Many lottery winners cannot suppress their emotions of greed. When they blow away the money or whether they invest it, they always want more. This is another reason why the play consistently.

As most of the winners get into financial trouble, they think that winning the lottery again will solve their financial trouble.

greedThis greed forces them to play the lottery again and again.

The problem is that the odds in the lottery are not in your favor especially if you’re not using any technique like wheeling or lottery pools.

This is the reason why they never win again but in all, they continue to play for a long period of time.

As you can see, for different people the reasons for playing the lottery are different. This is the reason why most of the winners continue to play the lottery even after they have made it big once.