Who Are These Multiple Lotto Winners & How Did They Win?

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Most of the people are not able to win the lottery even once. However, there are some winners who have multiple lottery wins to their name.

According to statistics, even when you continue playing the lottery for 20 to 30 years, it is very difficult for you to win the lottery again after you have won it once. Statistically, it is not possible for the same person to win the lottery again.

However, there are a few winners which have done so like Brian O’Hanlon and the other winners listed below.

1. Richard Lustig:

Richard LustigRichard Lustig has won the lottery over 7 times. The total amount which he has won is US$ 1 million.

The 1st win was in 1992. The amount was just $ 10,000.

The again won the lottery multiple times during the next 10 years. According to him, winning the lottery is just based on luck.

He, however, has a couple of tips which you can follow.

I suggest that you should choose your own numbers and you should research these numbers before picking.

2. 6 winning tickets purchased by the same person:

A man in Arizona bought 6 tickets with the same numbers.

Each ticket won US$ 1 million. Even though, he was not able to win the jackpot but he made quite a bit of money.

It sure seems like it might be sheer luck rather than any algorithm or strategy.

3. Joan Ginther:

Joan GintherJoan Ginther has a Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Stanford.

He has won lottery 4 times. His total winnings stand at $ 21 million. This Las Vegas resident bought the scratch-off tickets from a single store.

According to an analysis done later, he purchased 3 of those tickets from the same minimart.

According to the experts, the probability of winning the lottery by purchasing the tickets from the same store, again and again, is 1:18 septillion.

It is likely that he might have figure out a way to identify the winning tickets and in which stores they will arrive.

He could have created an algorithm based on publicly available data.

4. Winning the lottery prizes 42 times:

Even though the total amount of money which was won by Wiley Tuley isn’t that large at just $ 0.2 million but he has won smaller amounts 42 different times.

The total amount accumulates to the $ 2.2 million.

Tuley WileyHe just plays his birth date again and again. According to him, most of it is just due to luck. There is the only limited amount of science which is involved.

As you can see, even though most of the people struggle with techniques likes lottery pool, it seems like these lottery winners have to just worry about things like spending mistakes to avoid.

They just need to make sure that unlike other lottery winners they just make the right investment decisions.

The next time around you stumble upon such a loophole, you will just need to worry about how to invest your money rather than looking into the various techniques for playing the lottery.