My New Website


Hello to everyone reading this first post!!! I hope you are having a great day.

I won’t bore you by going over at length things that I have already mentioned in the About Me Page. If you want to know more read that page. Suffice it to say I am a past lottery winner who wants to share some interesting facts about lotto playing and to give some good advice for getting more from your plays.

I’m originally from Wahpeton, North Dakota but now live in California where I enjoy long sunny days doing nothing much (at least nothing my mother would consider constructive).

Why This Website?

I started this website to share my story with people who may be interested. I explain in the About Me Page what the website name means to me (although someone owned it before me has significance to me personally for different reasons).

wm lotto logoIf you have been playing the lotto for years without much luck but deep down know there must be a way to beat that game then the pages on the website are for you!

After a few years of trial and error I eventually found a way to increase my odds of winning lotto prizes.

I won’t lie….it took time, effort and a bit of my hard earned money before i finally found a way to start winning.

I almost gave up a few times but I am a persistent SOB (sorry Mum) and I got there in the end.

My last win was just a few days prior to writing this first post! It was only for a few thousand bucks but hey they all count.

I really hope people get to read my website pages and even contact me (no begging letters though please) with their questions and hopefully with their success stories when they follow my lotto playing advice.

Contact me whenever you have a free moment and want to discuss anything with  me about my website or my story.